Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Thread That Bind Us

You ever just sit back and take in a scene? Absorb the psychological and emotional effect of a setting? If one has the ability to do so, one should!

You ever watch a traffic or pedestrian walk video in high speed? As I sat sipping my coffee this evening at the local Masjid's breaking of the fast , yes, coffee in the night time... I pictured what all these people's day might have been like. Life in fast forward....

I'm sure several of them must have opened up their shop or store to conduct the daily business and take in the days profits, and who could blame them, because MLG& Robbery, sorry... MLG&W (Memphis Light Gas & Water) accepts no excuses the day the bill is due!

Some of the brothers are doctors and dealt with the sick, infected and those on the fringes of that long abode known as death... Perhaps some did die! Others walked the street in the scorching heat, just trying to find a job and or a few dollars to get the days necessities.... One brother lost his job and his house and another sat with his dying mother all day, I know that for a fact. One dear brother raced to Nashville to drop of the kids with his x, may Allah bless him, because he is getting married tomorrow....

My point is, all these people with all these differences, different destinies and experiences... and for just a few minutes today, Islam made me feel as if we were all ONE and our destiny was ONE.... TO PLEASE OUR CREATOR AND LOVE FOR OUR BROTHERS WHAT WE LOVE FOR OURSELVES!

No other way of life, thing, drug, philosophy can do to me what Islam does... You should try it!!! Islam that is ;)

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