Accusations from

Accusations from

The Article Attacking Me
I was recently the victim of what has become very widespread, Islamaphobia.
Although, the author of this blog /attack on my character, beliefs and reputation would beg to differ, I say to you that he is a Muslim hater, plain and simple.
This man has tried so hard to make a name for himself by attacking Muslims, that he really just ended up looking like the fool. Now, I do give him credit in the areas of research, getting off his butt and taking pictures and digging deep into the information of the subject he is writting about, but it is obvious that he ignores facts and constructs and fabricates his opinions by his lack of including relevant information.
I had recently tried to stop a Murder of a non Muslim Citizen in my city, almost getting myself killed. Needless to say, the man died anyway, and it was a tragedy. I also posted several video projects on trying to target the Muslim youth and inform them of the life I had lead (gangs, drug dealing, etc) and how it was no good. Furthermore, I posted a video from a local Community Congress Meeting that i attended, where the Mayor, Sheriff and other political figures appeared and discussed Crime in Memphis, and I took the microphone and called to attention my past and my experiences and how light the laws were. I recommended an interfaith project to instill faith in our youth to help curve the violence in our city. In light of these evidences showing my character and attitude as a citizen, human being and Muslim, the man still posted what he posted. He said I would be the next Jihadist? Hum…. and he doesn’t hate Muslims… get out a here…


  1. First of all, I would like to clear up a possible mis-understanding; in no way, shape or form do I represent any of the local Masjids / Mosque or Muslim Organizations, here in Memphis or anywhere else, in any official capacity. My comments, opinions and remarks are solely my own. Now, lets get back to the simple basics sir. You seem to have failed to understand that Muslims go to the Masjid to pray; we hold a belief, that when 2 or more people come together in prayer (worship), there are more blessings. Anytime a Muslim inhabits a city or area, he or she will often frequent the local Mosque / Majid for prayer times and then leave. There ideology or way of thinking can not always be attributed to a particular community they prayed one of the 5 daily prayers with.
    All of this began (our blogging about each other) because of a Murder committed by a Muslim that came to our Masjid for a few prayers, and you began to investigate our community and came across my name, as you said. You poked, pried and investigated until you found what you were looking for.I would say that you were looking for anything to turn into a Islam smear campaign, and you would disagree. I would say that you ignored all the other evidences that you had concerning my character and ideology, but you would disagree. You took a few comments, a picture and a video and suggested I would be the next jihadist. Now we seem to have began a back and forth of comments and conversations that you assume have proven my connection to an ideology that belongs to those who are extremist.
    Mr. Farmer, just because my comments mirror a known terrorist, his lies, does not mean that I have studied him and using his comments or am doing the same. In fact I am not and did not know that was even the case, that he said these things. I don’t really know anything about the man, and maybe I should do the research. My comments about killing innocents is sincere and true; I do not believe that American Citizens are not innocent. My parents are U.S. citizens for Gods sake! The video that I posted was done out of ignorance, not based upon sound decision making. I didn’t know anything about Jihad or terrorism at the time and did not equate the video with such ideologies. Now, I have grown and studied and see where he was going with it. (I had said that I didn’t know how the video got up on my group site, but I have recalled that I did put it there. It is true that Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) prophicied that war would come to Afghanistan and war would be waged. It is true that he spoke about the struggles that would ensue against the Palestinian people and so on.. but like I said, I didn’t equate that with extremism, the fact that the video was discussing the fact that war would come to these geographical locations.(and I was younger and dumber and since have grown in knowledge of my religion and learned to listen to and read well those things that I post. (I’m sure you will slice and dice what I write, unit you turn all this into something that its not).

  2. Again, it should be noted that your accusation against me are wrong. I posted the picture, because I don’t agree with the slaughtering of little kids and babies being shot and killed. (The Israeli invasion of Palestine and the fact that they openly killed so many women and children and innocents, and the fact that our country supports them financially.) I posted the picture, not because I hate this country, but because I hate that this country has lost its way. The founding fathers never intended us to be a country that aids others in genocide, they intended Justice and Peace for all, and no one can justify the murder of killing kids or murdering military recruiters in AR. They never intended for our rights to be taken away, as they were after 9/11 and they surely didn’t intend for the the Government to have as much power as our current president has seized and abused.(The question that should be asked is not where do I stand, but what will i do about it? The fact is that I will post a picture or two and I may protest against it, but never will I do the horrible things that Bledso and the likes have done.) I do hold our constitution in high regard, and my love for Country has not turned into hate. Many people stand and shout against the atrocities committed by both Muslims and Non Muslims alike, and that was my way of saying “this is not right”. If you want to call me anti American for it, then fine, that is your right, but it is not accurate. (Glenn Beck is my favorite radio program…)If you want to say that I’m saying what a known terrorist has said, fine, that is your right as well, but it is not my intention to hide behind statements as he did or deceive you and others to conceal an extremist way of thinking. I due hold firm to the belief that women, children and non combatants should not be murdered, no matter the situation. Simply put, all this war is just crazy; American soldiers, women, children (Muslims and Non Muslims alike) and citizens by the thousands have been killed and all this crap needs to stop…..

    Your desire to watch me and my buddies, as you put, is fine by me… I would be happy to let you spend a day in the life of Joseph Sneed, lol. Sincerely, call me and come meet my mom and dad, my DOWNS Syndrome uncle and my mentally ill brother. I’ll take you on a tour of our Masjids and let you meet some really good people. Sit down with me and eat lunch; who knows, you may change your feelings about me and remove some of that hatred of Muslims that you so often let show. My offer stands and is sincere… I have nothing to hide… What do you say?