Thursday, January 12, 2012

Arab Colonialism or Islam?

As-salamu 'alaykum wa Rahmahtullahi wa Barakahtahu (Peace be upon you all and the Mercy of God and His Blessings)
Arab Colonialism or Islam?
Before I get started , I want to let you know where this is coming from. I have recently seen a move made, here in Memphis, TN, by many of the converts to Islam, and it does not sit well with me. Notice that I said, "does not sit well", and this is apposed to "Its not right! or I don't agree with it at all". I've never been accused of being a slave before, to the Arabs, so I am somewhat unprepared. According to some, I have been brain washed into fallowing a form of Islam that comes from Arab influences. These influences include the way I walk, talk, dress and practice Islam. We can sum it up in PRACTICE.

When we here talk like this, we know that it is coming from someone or some group that also has problems with their own race, ethnicity or culture being attacked and have a victim mentality. These people usually are black African Americans, which I would like to interject here and say, "my wife is from Ethiopia and is disgusted at the fact that black African Americans are even associated with Africa". Her sentiments are being echoed by all those I have met from Africa. She doesn't understand why people scream "they wronged my people" and don't leave it and do for themselves. Her family came here, about 10 years ago, and they received not a dollar of funding and all are successful business owners. Where was I? Oh, the Yusuf Sneed rough profile of a person who says "you are a victim of Arab Colonialism", gotcha! So, these people are already on some sort of "they hurt my people", "they oppress my people", and "if your not understanding and agreeing with me, then you get the hell out of here!" trip. 

So, lets ask the Muslims in America. Do you think that this is a true statement? Here is some excerpts from the Muslims who take this stance "

In my humble opinion you are out of touch with the reality we are facing today. A victim of Arab Colonialism. "Our" masajids are there Masjids serving "there" purpose &" there" agenda. They are not "my" Masjid & they have made that clear by the systematic removal of the African American attendees for no other reason than prejudice. If you have an Establishment that has been here for 20, 30, 40, 50, or in some cities 70-100 years, that has yet to "establish a support group" for gangs, drug problems, etc. as you put it, It is safe to say they are not going to or have no empathy nor love in there heart to do so."

This is from a conversation about needing to get rid of the foriegn scholars and replacing them with American Scholars who understand our culture. This is from Muslims who advocate singing and musical instruments. These are my friends. The above was in response to this:

I humbly disagree akhi.... our Masajids are open to all, and I have always found a person of knowledge available to answer my questions. The problem, in my humble opinion, is two fold. We don't have a support group for the Cultural Problems we deal with, i.e. gangs, drug problems, etc. & many of us are never seen in the Masjids to get the Islamic Knowledge we all so badly need & or, when we get a ruling we dont like or agree with, we do what we want or get mad at the one giving us the ruling. Maybe i'm not seeing it, but I understand Islamic tafseer of quran to have no room for change (Tafsir is the time, place and reason for the ayaht being revealed). It is the application of the rulings and wisdoms derived from that Tafsir that people have issues with and Shari'a has a rule or method for that called (Key-as). You take a ruling that applies to something else and bring it for something modern, which there is no ahadith or evidences to help in the situation of modern times... BUUUUT, let me watch the video... I haven't seen it yet... salam akhi-fil-lah.

So, does wearing the Jilbab and Jalibyyah mean that Arabs have brainwashed me and others into thinking I have to dress like this? No, it also could mean that I love this religion so much that I dress like this to show who I am and to help me keep my faith up high. When I see my reflection and I think about the Muslims of old, I am aware that I am a Muslim and that others see me as such. I become more conscious of my actions and that others are looking to me to see what a Muslim is and does. I'll give you an example: One day I was at a Kroger and little girl and her mother walked by. I was standing outside waiting to be picked up. The little girl looked up at me with bewilderment and asked her mom, "mommy is that a man?" Before I knew it, I was on one knee and explaining to a 5 year old why I dress this way and what I believed in, unaware of her mother holding her hand. I even let her tug on my beard.... The mother had a tear in her eye and said, "i work with Muslims, and no-one ever took the time to tell me what you have. From this day forward, I will never have anything bad to say about Muslims."

A victim of Arab Colonialism? Because I take a position on Music? The Qur'an explicitly warns me about the misuse of my blessings, i.e. my ears, eyes, and mouth. I know the power of music. I let it lead me down a path that ultimately had my little brother killed and landed me in prison. The prophet Muhammad SWS explicitly stated "those things which are doubtful, leave them...." Is not music doubtful? Sure, there is a lot of debating about it.... We desire it, not need it. Either way, it is a position and only a position, not a reason to scream, " your a slave to the Arabs", right? Please, somebody correct me if I'm wrong.

Does not Islam say "love for your brother / sister what you love for yourself?" Do my brothers and sister love to hurt? That is what they have done to me. A Muslim should not bring pain and hurt to his or her brother or sister; it's just wrong. And, where does such hatred stem from? Is not the one screaming Nigger no better than one screaming Cracker? How does this bring healing and fix ones problems or remedy ones issues with another? Call me ignorant or call me right, I don't understand it....

What person or people make accusation about others, without having confronted them? I did many things that I am not proud of, as a Muslim, and no-one ever kicked me out. My African American brothers that still attend the Masjid in question are scratching there heads at the thought that Muslims are screaming injustice for the African American brothers. Oh, if you were not aware, this is one of the complaints from the Non-Arab Colonialist. They say that these Arab owned and influenced Masjids are systematically removing the African American brothers and sisters. My response is, "they are removing their selves. No one has been told, "you are not allowed here". They have been told, you can't sit outside and beg and go buy drugs. The are being told, "you can't play with your religion". If this is happening, I want names and numbers, in fact I have asked, but I did not get them. I would be the first to call a meeting and get these issues squared away. 

Oh, and by the way, the Masjid in question has a black Imam, a black office administrator, and a black janitorial service, black security guard, and and all black volunteer team.... Oh, sorry... I almost forgot, they are victims of Arab Colonialism as well....   please help me understand.

Now, I wont responses to this post! I need comments, and I need help. Either I'm brainwashed and need you guys to help me, in a loving and caring way, or I need assistance in standing up against those who say "we American Muslims have been over-run by Arabs and Arab influenced Imams and scholars, who scream Christmas is haram and you should grow your beard!", please....



  1. You are not being honest in this blog post. I know these people your are referencing and have attended all their events and they have NEVER said:

    "we American Muslims have been over-run by Arabs and Arab influenced Imams and scholars, who scream Christmas is haram and you should grow your beard!".

    You are mis-quoting and mis-respresenting a group of people and attributing individual opinions to an entire group of brother/sisters. Be careful you don't become the type of dishonest person that takes small snippets of a conversation and misconstrues it to benefit your own opinion.

  2. As-salamu alaykum wr wb. I'm not speaking about group functions. Please forgive me if I did not make myself clear. These comments are from. Across the board, from local Muslims and some nationwide. All of the conversations and comments to me, from many, were balled up contextually, in this post. I did not take snippets from any " Convert Sations
    Jazakallahum khyr for your post.

  3. you sur are a liar. you look at black people with diferent in this place. you forget that many peeple know you as one who is always pointing fingers at peeple and you thinking you are better than them. you talk to much and do very little to help muslem peeple stay together. i am so sorry brother but many peeple do not like you. you make a lot of trouble. i hope allah help to gide you.

    1. Thank you for comment @Anonymous #2.... I was raised in what we call Da Hood.. I was a victum of racism myself. All my friends were black & I even joined a gang. So, to say that (I) look at black people different is NOT the truth.
      As far as I talk to much, and I do little to keep Muslims together.. ??? In fact, I have not called for any separation, nor have I attacked anyone for any reason.
      This post was in response to a few brothers and sisters who called me "A victim of Arab Colonialism". Why? It is because I fallow the sunnah of Muhammad (PBUH)? So, I decided to write what was on my mind at the time...
      Does this clarify anything for you?
      Thanks for your comment!

  4. Also, I don't understand where you got "I think that I'm better than anyone else.". If I ever act arrogant, or have come across arrogant, may God forgive me, because it is not who I am. As far as, "many people do not like me", I never claimed that I was seeking fame. The prophet SWS was hated by all, when he SWS began spreading the truth. So, being hated or not liked has nothing to do with right and wrong.
    I dont understand "when a person defends, brings back, or advocates sunnah, everyone seems to attack". If fallowing the sunnah to the letter, as best one can, is now being called "Arab Colonialism", then I am happy to stand up for it and be called such.

  5. @ ALL ( I understand that this post seems to insinuate that I'm speaking about the Muslim Converts move to unite, and I did not intend that. That is my fault for the way I wrote. It is from SOME of the members of this group that I have been labeled (Extreme or a Victim of Arab Colonialism) and from those who fallow Shaik Hamza Yusuf and those of Ta'leef. As I said in the beginning, "I do not have a problem with all of the groups motives and intentions". I hope that is made clear now.... I agree and disagree with much of it...