FBI Plant Causes Good Brothers Allot of Heartache

As-salamu 'alaykum wa Rahmahtullahi wa Barakahtahu (The Peace be upon you all and the Mercy of God and HIs Blessings, ameen).

 This is an update concerning the recent post about an FBI Op in Memphis, TN. Since the last time I posted anything concerning the arrest of some of our brothers in Memphis, TN, some more information, more accurate, has come to light....         ***Adam Morales, an FBI Informant***

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 When you come into my house and eat my food, and tell me you love me and my family, and then you turn out to be an FBI plant sent to trick me into doing something to be used against me, you have to ask the question "who is the bad guy?"! When the agencies designed to protect its' citizens begin to operate outside the United States Constitution and outside of the law and violate peoples rights by sending people to trick others into doing things that will be used against them in a whole-nother context, you have to do something. As I told the two agents sent to interview me after the comments made by bluecollarrepublican.com, "you shouldn't be asking me how I feel about our foreign policies and the many situations overseas, and what you should be asking me is what do I plan on doing about it." That something is what I'm doing now, and you should be doing something similar as well; you should stand up and speak out against it!

I just finished a little spat (argument) with my wife. She said, "Yusuf, (The Arabic word for Joseph, as she is half Yemeni and Ethiopian), please stop doing what your doing (writing about this stuff, putting that picture out there and concerning yourself with what just happened ."A tear came down my face, and I grabbed my two year old step son! I said, "subanallah (praise God, but used here in the "i cant believe you just said that sense) habeebatee (my love), don't understand! Had I printed all that stuff on Jihad that Adam had asked me to print (he gave me a research job, purely research for a non-illegal / non-extremist reason), I would be in a Federal lock-up!" "This baby", as I pointed my 2yr old, "would not understand why, for the second time, his daddy left him! Those two kids", I pointed to my 8yr old step son and my 5yr old step daughter, "would be crying to you right now! They would be crying and asking you, "where is Yusuf?", "Why is Yusuf in Jail, did he not love us?!!!"

Then I began to explain to my wife and my kids: Fathers were taken from their families and mothers lost their sons to operations just like this, and I had to try and let others know what had happened. And I told them this hadith, "Muhammad SWS said to stand up against wrong /evil, where-ever you see it, even if it be against yourself.... first with your hands, and if that is not feasible, speak out against it with your mouth. If none of these options are feasible, then hate it in your heart, and that is the weakest of faith..."

People who would otherwise never had hurt an ant in God's Creation are now behind bars, and brothers who had little or no Islamic knowledge were being hunted down and targeted. Because of people like this Adam and the ones who initiate and control such ops. They come into a community and throw around money for good and righteous causes trying to appear like good Muslims who just want to help humanity, as the true Islam teaches, and the whole time they are preaching, whispering in the ears of the vulnerable and weak, creating seeds of extremism in the ignorant minds of new and non Muslims.... When they can't get someone to bite and the money begins to be too much for the operatin, the higher ups in the government begin to question results.They do as they have done here and make one last attempt to take back something to show for the time spent trying to entrap a Muslim, so they shut it down (the operations). But not before a quick plan is drawn up to rob a bank and force some to take part, as was done here in Memphis. One brother told me that a member of the group had threatened his life, because he had wanted no part in the heist. The FBI informant knew of this, and he still was charged as a co-conspirator. FBI planned, funded, and initiated. You know what usually happens next... they are arrested, and the FBI and News agencies announce that another plot was thwarted by good police work, and that they had stopped those bad Muslims!  This is the wrong that I wish to stand up against, by speaking out against it!

Brothers and Sister, fellow Americans, beware of this person and people like him..... understand that although, this doesn't happen all the time, (The FBI and Agencies using tactics like this), it does happen. It happened to me, and it left me scared and confused. It left me with my heart aching... Be careful of new Muslims and New People in your lives. Don't judge them, but use caution and the intuition that God gives you, through your guardian angel... And pray for this great Nation, as I do, that God guides us towards greatness and goodness. Pray that justice is served, as it says in that great document that we hold so high, "One Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all...."

May Allah, (The Arabic word for God, the God of Moses, Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad), forgive Adam and Guide him to the straight path, ameen... (The hardest prayer I have ever had to say!)