Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Blast

Memphis Islamic Center - Press Release
Press Release is above, and my comments are below...

We are already hearing from prominent news sources that these explosions have the hallmark signs of what has become known as Al-Aqeda. I ask that Americans remain calm and steadfast as these events unfold and try hard to refrain from jumping to conclusions.

What we should be doing is praying hard for the victims and there families! Everyone should also endeavor with sincerity to learn the truth about Islam and those of us who are called Muslims and to differentiate between true statements concerning Islamic beliefs and those statements that come from the mouths of people who contain enormous amounts of enmity towards Islam and its adherents. Unfortunately, there are bad apples in every bunch, and all of us, Muslims and Non-Muslims, should work together to first, make that understood. Second, we should working together to stop all forms of unjust hatred that leads to one of the greatest sins one can commit, the unjust killing of fellow human beings.

I , Joseph Sneed, stand firmly against such actions as witnessed today at the Boston Marathon, and I call for justice to be served against those involved.

May God guide us all, to that which is true and correct, in matters of belied and religious acts of worship, amen....

And... May God protect us from the evil of this world, amen.

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