Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blessed With Schizophrenia?

Every now and again you run across something on the net that just leaves you dazed and confused.
His Article

I was looking into whether or not the new moon had been sighted in my region, Memphis, TN, for the purpose of knowing that a new month had started in the Islamic Calendar. I ran across a former intelligence officers blog posting. He claims to have been blessed to hear spirit voices that allowed him to decipher a message that was sent to him as a 7 yr old child. The message was in the form of a UFO sighting over Memphis, TN.

It was however nice of him to decipher the message according to all faiths ;)

Thought I would share it with you all and watch the comments fly! lol

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  1. I am the witness of Allah's "Moon of Memphis". I have changed the website to ( This new version of the previous website has the Message to Muslims and interesting perspectives. Thank you for reading it.