Sunday, January 2, 2011


I was listening to Bill Cunningham a few minutes ago and, he had a guest that really had me glued to the airwaves. He was talking with a guest, a Doctorate from some University, Wayne Root. This guest was asked about Islam and if it is truly a religion of peace. The response blew me away! The man said that we should imagine a book named The Cunninghams, and in this book was some really bad stuff, like killing all non-Cunninghams. Now imagine a familly named the Cunninghams that fallowed this book, but they has some distant cousins who never ever really picked up the book and they were good people for the most part.  I'm para-phrasing of course......

Basically  what he was saying is that anyone who fallows the Quran and Sunnah is Terrorist, openly or not, and that anyone who screams Islam is Peace does not really follow the Book, i.e. Quran....

The ignorance that is out there just behooves me... Or, is it really ignorance? After all, these people are not idiots; they are intelligent individuals with the documentation to prove it! Maybe it is a deliberate attempt to destroy the image, true image, of Islam.

I am left scratching my head and wondering how it is that little ole new Muslim me was aware of the verse in the Quran calling for the killing of all Infidels to be equated to the specific incident during the time Muhammad (peace be upon him), and this guy uses it to say we have to kill all none Muslims. A time, after many thousands of Muslims had been burned, boiled and tortured by the inhabitants of Mecca. A time, when Muslims had been patient and non-confrontational... until the verse came down that they will not stop killing you.. they will not stop until all who say (Their is nothing worthy of worship except for God) are dead. So, God commanded Muhammad and his fallowers (peace be upon all of them) to pick up their weapons and meet them in battle... Opression was to be met with force; it was the only way. This verse is, as all are, related to specific incidents and should be interpreted as such...

Really easy stuff... Shaik google could have told him that... lol

May God help us all, even the Non-Muslims.... amen

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  1. This is the guy here>> he was the guest on the Bill Cunningham Show, i.e. Michael Savage