Saturday, October 2, 2010

FBI Raid on Memphis Muslims

As-salamu 'alaykum wa Rahmahtullahi wa Barakahtahu (The Peace be upon you all and the Mercy of God and HIs Blessings, ameen).

 This is an update concerning the recent post about an FBI Op in Memphis, TN. Since the last time I posted anything concerning the arrest of some of our brothers in Memphis, TN, some more information, more accurate, has come to light....

This is a picture of Adam Morales, a confirmed Confidential Informant for the FBI, which has been confirmed by court documents given to one of the defendants in a conspiracy case pending in the Western District Federal Court, of Memphis, TN. He is listed as CI-1. He should be considered, by the Muslim communities ,in many states that he visited, to be extremely dangerous. Those reasons can be extrapolated from the fallowing information concerning how he and his handlers conducted this operation.

I met Adam several months ago, through a very close and trusted brother, who is and has been innocent in this ordeal. We all have been left scratching our heads and thanking God that no harm came our way. Adam was in the first stages of activating and implementing the Mission Statement of his new Not-For Profit Organizion "Noahs Arc of Memphis", when I met him.He was in the process of recruiting good hearted brothers, who cared about the Muslim Community and Non Muslim Communities poor people and those who fell under the title (Refugee). I was told by several brothers several times that Adam had heard allot of good things about me and wanted to meet me, but how we actually met was by pure coincidence, and Allah knows best. He was broke down, in an organization used vehicle, and I was a mechanic that happened to be with one of those good brothers, when the call came from Adam requesting assistance.

Now, I realize that, although my intentions were to better my self and others, Adams intentions were to help the FBI in creating an environment, where someone could be bullied, pushed, intised,  helped along down towards a path that would ultimately lead to incarceration or helped financially and leaving a good Muslims feeling indebted, thereby appeasing the individual and doing whatever he asked

. (Adam use to talk to me all the time; He would rant about Jihad and tell me how awhile back he and some brothers signed up to go fight against Russia, in the Afghan Russian war. (That's probably how he first became a Confidential Informant!)He would tell me that Muslims were dying in incidents like the Flotilla massacre. "Yusuf, can you do me a favor please? It is of the utmost importance to my cause that you view all these videos (as he is pointing to a list of names like Imam Anwar al-awlaki and the brother Al-Amrekee fighting with Al-Shabab) and print me these sights and articles about the Jihad against the Kufar! (as he is pointing to the topics to be researched and printed)." "Yusuf, here is a hundred dollars; please, do this ASAP."

This request was weird to say the least, and I remember telling my wife that, "I want nothing to do with it"... It was like yesterday.  My wife is from Ethiopia, and that day, I had taught her a new American Phrase, "Cup of Tea".) "Its not my cup of tea", I told her. 

Adam had given me a computer to aid in my Dawah efforts and my small business, (Old School Homemade Cookies), and it came with a broadband USB that had the internet access paid for. My wife told me, "I never see like this before!". "He give you computer and pay for internet, and He don't ask for nothing? !!!". I explained to her that I had met people like him before, and they come of two kinds (sincere doers of good and those who want something in return). Adam wanted me to look up to him and treat him like he was cool or my boss. "He needs to feel like he is in control for some reason, and no, its not free. He has a list as long as my leg, about Jihad things", I explained how he had given me some money towards our huge utility bill for our business and said that it was a charity, but. "He wants me to print all this stuff off on the printer and look at all these videos", I showed her and explained. (You can imagine the facial expressions...)

Its easy to see now. The FBI gave me a computer, for which I am using at this moment to write this blog post, and requested Adam to request me to do all the things on that list. When the time was right, they would arrest me and use all the searches, printed information, conversations, etc as evidence against me... but, I saw this coming a mile away....

"The door bell is ringing Yusuf!", my wife exclaims, as she is nudging me in my side. "Its Adam", I told her. "He has been coming by every morning after the morning prayer wanting to sit down for a hour or two and have me research Jihad related things on the computer. "I am not answering the door!", I told her, as she said it was rude and un-islamic to leave him outside like that. My gut had told me that something was not quite right, and my foundation in Al-Aqeedah (Islamic Beliefs) had told me that, what he wanted me to do, by printing and researching these things, was not the correct way to be behaving. (And, all of that is from Allah! Thank you God for looking out for me and helping me to see the enemies of Islam and their illegal and immoral plan to take a father away from his kids, a provider from his family and a changed mans freedom....... All praise is due to the Creator of a that we see and dont see: in Arabic Al-Hamdulillah!

** I said all of this to say what? To say that Adam Morales failed, where the FBI had advised him to succeed: In getting brother Yusuf Sneed to fall victum to their traps. They could not find a single Extremist in little-ole Memphis, TN, so they decided to call it a day, but not before having some sort of results to turn into the Attorney General and the powers or bosses that be.... They had a little ole conversation about an idea to take money from a bank in a robbery. A robbery that was planned by the Confidential Informant and a still active gang member, with absolutely no knowledge of Islamic beliefs and little to no practice of the religion. This guy / brother was still using and selling drugs, from what I have discovered, in my lone mission to expose this operation for what it was, "another FBI plot that was foiled by none other than the FBI"... And this is your tax dollars at its finest!... Any and all brothers who were privy to that conversation, guilty or not, were arrested and charged with Conspiracy, including a 70's something old man named Dennis Littlejohn, AKA Yahya....**

Brother and Sisters.... Visitors to this blog..... Please, don't believe everything you hear on the TV. A recent study has shown that a very high percentage of the arrest and foiled plots by the different agencies entrusted with the duty of protecting us citizens has been none other than plots foiled by those who have been tasked with our security.... FBI plans, FBI bombs and FBI informants.... They walk into a city, with their CI's and Agents and create the environment and find the victims, usually brothers that have no strong background or foundation in Islamic beliefs.... They tend to prey on weak minded Muslims, in most cases and the case here, with bad backgrounds. Like pedophiles prey on little kids, and its just as illegal and immoral (taking away fathers from their kids and husbands from their wives, etc.)... Ok, not as bad as little kids getting hurt and molested, but close enough... Taking the life away from any human being is just plain in-humane!

Keep your eyes open for the sorry sap in this picture and the likes there of... If you see him, leave him alone and make others aware and keep your distance... If he gets hurt, it is my head on the chopping block (and that is not my intention at all!) He is a human being; just one of the lowest forms, so he is to not be harmed...

Pray for me and my family, as I am now even more of a target than before, especially when I hit the send button (Publish Button) and publish this blog post. I'm sure there will be allot of unhappy people...

I love all of Gods Creation, and that includes my Non Muslim friends and family, just with-in the limits set by my faith (al wal'a wal bar'a) ...

As-salamu 'alaykum wr wb
bro. Joseph Sneed (yusuf)


  1. I'm a Caucasian American in my early 40s. I no longer watch TV and spend most of my free time researching the behavior of the state.

    I agree with your general statement, and don't find anything written here to be unusual. It's obvious to those who've been awakened to this type of tyranny.

    Just stay upright and continue to be as vocal as possible. You should consider changing all of your routines for a while and making certain officials aware of your experiences.

    Good luck to you and your family.

  2. Yusuf, if the FBI gave you a USB key, they could be wiretapping your Internet browsing right now. If you want to get rid of the FBI tap, throw out the USB key and buy a new computer or get your hard drive wiped.

  3. thanks guys for the concern, but the fact is that I have nothing to hide and enjoy the free service! (sometimes you have to just laugh, but this is a very very serious ordeal)

  4. A^Udhu Billahi Ta'ala. May The Creator protect the Believers. Ameen

  5. I am going to insh'Allah make this as painful for them as possible by making this as public as possible, insh'Allah.

  6. HIs Number is 901-650-6744. email

  7. Adam Morales 901-650-6744. he has been calling brothers for what we dont know. Everyone hangs up on him. Let us call him and turn the tables.