Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Holly Xzanex Bars Battman!

From suicides, murders and mass shootings to spousal abuse and strange happenings, it seems that our elected officials are not as smart as we thought them, or they are so crafty and devious as to hide the real stories and informations for some plot or plan that one can only imagine, such as gun control or removal!!

 It appears that Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are the problem, not the guns!!

When an expert appeared on a national radio show (Coast to Coast AM with George Noory) and began to discuss this class of medications, SSRI's, the effects of taking and withdrawing from them, and several of over 4,800 plus stories of gun violence and mass shootings that were perpetrated by someone who was taking these meds, it hit me! "This is a ruse! And, this is the proof that there is more than meets the eye!"

 The people that are running our government are aware of the problem and the fact that these crimes have nothing to do with guns, but they have everything to do with BIG PHARMA (the companies that develop and push these drugs onto the people by using the doctors to do the dirty work! Soldiers, veterans, and children are taking these drugs and the outcomes are deadly. I mean, 4,800 plus stories that link the the two! Come on people! ??? Are we sleeping or what?!!!

I know that this a hot button issue, and I think that it requires a serious study. But, the facts do not lie, and we need to start a campaign to contact our politicians and let them know that we are aware of the lies and the facts at hand. We know they are taking millions from the pharmaceutical companies and aiding in the taking of innocent lives, such as those poor kids in the most recent mass shooting up north. It is time that we educate ourselves and stop taking the words of the MEDIA, our president, and others as FACT, and that we stand up for right and against wrong.

There is a video online of a teenager who woke up in a police detention center not knowing why he was there. A few days later he discovers that he had held his class hostage! He was on Paxil and had been hallucinating and seeing things for a while. All of the evidence in his trial and that had to do with his story showed clearly that he had a reaction to the medication. Did you know that the insert inside a Paxil box that is sent to the pharmacy actually says that this medicine can cause you to be homicidal?

 "Holly Zxanex bars Battman! This case is no case at all! The medicines are the problem, not the guns or people!"

It is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with, when you know that someone is lying to you and that that lie is not only responsible for the perpetuation of death, but it is threatening the very rights that this country was founded upon. When you don't have the platform to be heard and say "Fire! Fire! Look! There it is"! All you can do is sit back, as the place begins to burn up, forever lost, and you know that the people one day will say, "we listened to those fools and did not do anything to stop them".

Fellow Americans, there is so much happening to us at the moment that it is hard to tell what is up and what is down, and I know that many are not blind and yet many are, but we have to get the word out, even if it be a benign blog such as this one......

I pray that God comes to our aid soon, and that He opens up the eyes and ears of the inhabitants of this once great and glorious country..... because we are about to lose it...... (Amen) 

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