Thursday, December 6, 2012

Catholicism or Peganism, and is there a difference?

 Having been baptised a Catholic, as a new born baby, I have some what of an understanding of the ideology. Also, my grandmother was what we call a "hardcore Catholic". My father as well was raised in a Catholic environment. Having been abandoned as a youth, he was raised in an Orphanage here in Memphis, TN.

I think my father summed it up with great simplicity and clarity, when he said, "I never felt that is was right to ask a man to forgive me of my sins". This is just one of the many practices that I submit to the reader that go against the core teaching of Jesus (Peace be upon him).

 Think of the story of Abraham! He destroyed the idols that were being prayed to. What was it that Jesus himself said? "Hear oh Israel! Your God is ONE God....." Is not falling on the floor and prostrating yourselves before a statue the same as those who worshiped and prostrated to idols? Is not asking a human being to forgive you of your sins putting that human being in the place of God? "Thou shalt have no other Gods besides me", is the first of the ten commandments.

This is the simplicity of the message that all those who were given revelation delivered; there is NO GOD but GOD...... Please stop and think about this, and you should ask God and God alone to guide you.

Do not worship, ask of, pray to, etc. any other than the one who created you. Do not take qualities and characteristics that only belong to God and give them to other than He.

Any sincere seeking Christian, Catholic, Jew, etc. should see the logic in this, and they also should be able to see that this message was relayed in their own books. It has been for too many reasons to enumerate here that the message has been diluted, twisted, changed and modified into what we have today. I beg the reader to look into these matters and search with great vigor for that which is the truth concerning matters of belief in God. I also ask God to guide all of us to the straight path, the path of those who earned Gods Mercy not those who earned anger or went astray. Amen


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