Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving day and Islam?


I would have to agree with the article that I am posting HERE.

We can argue the historical context of Thanksgiving day and whether or not Columbus and the Spanish slaughtered the Indians carelessly and without care. We can debate if they really sat down to a wonderful four course meal with turkey corn and other vegetables, And we can argue about any number of these things. But at the end of the day, for the Muslims and concerning the religion of Islam, The question is about whether or not this is a religious practice here in the United States of America. If the answer is affirmative then the ruling would be that one cannot and should not participate in such a holiday. If the answer is no that Thanksgiving Day has nothing to do with religion and there should be no problem with joining one's family for a wonderful meal as it is highly suggested and encouraged to increase and keep good family relations. We have to be very careful when it comes to our religion and doing things that we should not do or abstaining from things that we should do. And the scholars may God's peace and blessings be upon all of them should be very careful in giving rulings concerning things which they do not fully understand.

My family are not Muslims and not showing up on Thanksgiving day actually increases the instability with in my family structure and between I myself and my immediate family. This is definitely something that is not advised in Islam. One should always keep excellent ties and relationships with Kin.

For those who know nothing about Islam and I reading this article and wondering why what a Muslim even concern himself with such details. I say to you that we love and fear our creator more than any other group and we have hope in our creator more than any other group. We take the Commandments of God very very serious. We want to please him with every beat of our hearts every breath that we take and with every action that we do or do not do. So for us being very careful in everything we do is very important. Simply put we take our religion and our belief in God serious. For us heaven and hell is a reality that we will all face and we want to face that reality with the best of deeds written down. This is why you can find us five times a day with our fore head pressed firm against the ground while we bag for forgiveness and beg for mercy and thank our creator for everything that has bestowed upon us the good and the bad......

Please feel free to comment as I'm very curious about what many of you have to say.

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