Friday, November 16, 2012

Interview on THE POWER HOUR

It was an honor and a pleasure to have been a guest of with Joyce Riley. She is part of a small but powerful group of people who are fighting for the truth. There is a lot going on that we don't see, and that is by design! If a single group controls the major media outlets and wanted to hide something from the public eye, then it would be easy-peezy-japanesey! Well, it seems that is just a small peace of the pie, and it is one big pie, let me tell ya!

Joyce is about freedom and justice for all, and she knows a lie when its being decimated across the media waves, whether they be TV waves or radio waves.... or printed on a press. She recently allowed me to tell my own personal story of my brush with a piece of the great pie. I was almost suckered into a plot that would have put me away for a long time! Sounds like I might have been envolved with a big bad group or gang, right? Nope, this plot was an FBI plot....

To hear the interview with myself, an expert on the topic, and a good sister who specializes in Islamic beliefs and history, click HERE!

For part 2, click HERE!

I hope and pray they don't target you next! Whoever you are or whatever you may believe in! This could have been you!

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