Monday, November 12, 2012

Live on The Power Hour

Tuesday, at 8am CST, I will be a guest on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley. We will be discussing my own personal experience with FBI Entrapment Plots. I was recently a target of an operation that tried very hard to sucker me into doing things that could have cost me my freedom. Things that if done, were not necessarily illegal or wrong, but when put together and showed to a judge or brought to light on the news, would have made me look like a terrorist!

It is not delusional thinking or a case of mental illness, when you hear that individuals, groups or agencies within our government are acting outside of the law. It is no longer "conspiracy theory" to believe that our fundamental rights are being taken away by deceitful methods. Joyce Riley, Alex Jones, Jessie Ventura and others like them have amassed stacks of evidence proving that we are under attack by those who are known as "the Elite". They manipulate, enslave, murder, and rob people and countries of their property, resources, loved ones, etc.

Part of their strategy is to scare the American population into thinking they are in grave danger! They have chosen the religion of Al-Islam for this! When we believe such things, we are willing to give up certain rites afforded to us by our constitution, thereby making it easier for those who want to destroy us from with in. We see it happening before our very eyes, in this day and time! We have drones flying over city streets, Law Enforcement agencies are arresting and killing American citizens without due process and no oversight, currencies are being manipulated, wars are being fought, and much more.

Their plan is as sophisticatingly simple as this: "Scare the people into giving up their rights, collapse the economy, use the lack of rights to subdue the populace, empliment matial law, and take over the government, create a new North American Union, combine the unions around a central bank and central government, establish the "New World Order!"


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