Monday, November 5, 2012

Let's Talk About It!

It's amazing what a simple conversation can solve!

In all my years on this earth, there is one thing that I have discovered that will cure most of lifes problem, whether they be big or small. It's called conversing. You sit down, or stand if you so choose, and you hash it out, talk about it, explain it, or whatever you have to do! We have a saying down here in lil-ole Memphis, TN, and it goes something like this: "A closed mouth don't get fed!". 

It really bothers me, infact, it really cooks my goose to see so many people with so many problems. The crazy thing is that the individual or individuals they have a problem with are clueless! Can I give you a "for example"? Ok, well I'm going to anyway.... For example, I know this couple that come into the service station I manage at night. Both of them came to me on the "downlow" and asked for my advice. Both asked that I not tell the other, and both of them were worried about the relationship ending. Do you know what I did? Yep, you guessed it! I sat their butts down in the store and exposed them to each other! The couple hashed it out, realized that it was all really funny how they felt and acted, and they walked out happily ever after.

I said all this to say this: "The few people who have stopped to inquire about my being a Muslim and following the religion of Islam have walked away with their minds blown. They always wanted to know if Islam was really like it was portrayed on the News or was there more to the story. One lady thought we hated Jesus, and another thought we believed in a different God."

People, if you have a question, ask it! If you have a problem, express it! A closed mouth don't get fed!

Thats my rant for today..... Feel free to comment! 

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