Saturday, March 24, 2012

US Foriegn Policy Reminds Me of the Kardashians

     You ever feel like your listening to the ongoing saga of some wealthy family and the relationship those parents have with their kids, while your listening to World News concerning Foreign Policy?

The United States of America being the parents and other Countries are the children! You should really try it, its  beyond hilarious, it is almost a perfect analogy. Some families have children they favor over others, so they will get a different type of punishment or reprimand.

I heard that the new president of North Korea,  Kim Jong-un, promised not to fire any missles for any reason. For this promise he would receive some 240 tons of food aid.
Kim Jong-un
 Needless to say, he fired a missile anyway! The manner in which the US is handling this child is like the situation in the wealthy family of a spoiled child. He will get a good talking to, and he might get a months allowance taken away!

When we look at other countries and apply this analogy, you will see that what I say is true! Other countries are treated like the child who is disowned and thereby being totally cut off from all love and assistance.

Just thought that I would share this insight with my fellow Americans.

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