Tuesday, March 27, 2012

From a Muslim to Glenn Beck

Dear Beck,

 I have listened to you for years and side with you on a lot of issues, but today took the cake. 

After sincere soul searching a while back, I accepted Islam. I have studied Islam as best as one can, and I have practiced it to the best of my ability. I stopped cursing. I stopped harming others and now stand up for right, even if it be against my own self. I'm kind to my neighbor. I pray and fast. I work and provide for my family and lower my gaze when I see something that could cause me to lust. All of these things are commanded of me by our Creator.

Like you, I have a past, and I struggle with it daily. We are not perfect, but we try the best we can to be the best at whatever we do. We both are striving to please our Creator, according to how we understand that way to be, based upon our beliefs. For instance, I understand God to be the Creator of all that we see and don't see, including Jesus (peace be upon him). I do as Jesus did and do NOT go to or through anything or anyone that God created, in order to get to God. I simply fallow the advices and commandments that they relayed. You pray to and or through Jesus to get to God, and believe that God has children or a child. We, as Muslims, fallow the teaching of Jesus, Moses, Muhammed, etc. (peace be upon all of them) and pray to God in Gods name.

Having said that, we can see our similarities and our differences on a sort of small scale. Now, I wish to say that I'm fed up with you, with all do respect, and others like you who keep on bashing Islam and the Muslims. You said today, "how can Obomah seek advice from an Islamist whose daughter covers herself?". That is the same to me as saying, "how can one seek advice from a nun?". Both, of their own free will, cover their selves out of modesty and fallowing the commandment of God. Who knows better Beck, you or God? Who knows best about a thing, other than the One Who Created it? Which parent is better? The one who sends his daughter out into society, being the object of desire and lust and causing others to commit these sins, or the one who advises his daughter to cover and protect herself from harm, being the cause of sin and to save her beauty for her future husband? This concept to me is so simple and logical. The modesty that our grandparents had played a huge role in upright morality that society had. Allowing our daughters to uncover has played a huge part in the downfall of morality today. Premarital sex, sexuality, gay rights, and all of those things can be traced back to the uncovering of women, or more correctly put, "the loss of modesty". Would you agree?

Beck, God knows what is best for us, and He commanded us to enjoin the good and forbid the bad. This is the heart and soul of Islam and sharia, encouraging good and forbidding bad. Please stop saying things that are misleading and fear God as He should be feared. Remember, you have angels that are assigned to you writing down everything you say and do. Keep fighting the the good fight and I pray that God guides you and me to the correct way of belief and action, amen.....

Your friend, God Willing,
Joseph Sneed

After this comment, I turned my radio off. As intelligent as you are, how can you not see through all the misinformation and disinformation and the difference between Islam and the Islam that many practice? I recommend you take a deeper look into the teachings of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Jesus for that matter (peace be upon all those who were sent with revelation).  

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