Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Family Unit Is Under Attack

We are losing our youth and the family unit. Take a look into your own family. Peal away the curtain of arrogance and pride and view into the window of honesty and be honest with yourself. Ever think about your grandparents? How they walked and talked and lived their lives? I do, and I remember that my grandfather never took his shirt off in front of anyone. He believed in modesty. Why is it so hard to understand why Nuns and Muslim women cover? It is more of a logical question to ask, "why do women uncover?".

The family unit has been under assault for quite a while now. I personally think that it started with removal of God from the schools. When you remove the Creator for the lives of the masses, morality begins to fade away. There are numerous laws and regulations that have been passed that can be attributed to the down fall of the family unit. I recently saw a video that proved United States Courts have been ruling against parents and for children, in cases where children did not want to obey their parents, all because of United Nations regulations that had been slipped into bills passed by states and the Federal Government. Now we have parents rights being taken away in the school lunchrooms. Secret agents are now checking to see if we are abiding by the new regulations! What is next????!!!!

The family unit is almost..... no more. Marriage is something that is taken lightly and even in some cases laughable. Christianity says, "no sex before marriage", and Islam says, "It is forbidden to touch a women that is not your immediate  family or your wife, so that you will not fall into sin". This is not a posting about why Muslim women cover, but it is part of the problem. Having lose women in society, or women that attract to much sexual attention, can bring about the splitting up of families and the destruction of the family unit.

This country is under attack. It is under attack by people who have a plan, a plan to take over and impose their ideology and way of thinking, and that ladies and gentlemen is of Masters and Slaves. This is why it is so important to destroy the middle class, and anybody that is doing so is the perpetrator or puppet of this plan. I love my country for a million reasons, and it breaks my heart that the family unit is being destroyed and only a handful of people are doing anything about it.

Don't let your children grow up without instilling in them the importance of family and family ties. Don't let yourself get put in a nursing home because you failed at doing your job correctly. Teach them the importance of keeping kith and kin close. "This is an obligation in Islam".

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