Sunday, February 19, 2012


With every day that passes by, with each new shocking email that is automatically sent to me by Google Alerts, keywords “Muslim Islam” or other keywords like it, I grow more and more fearful. I'm fearful of losing my freedom. I'm feerful of being taken away from my family, and I'm  fearful of being caught in America while being Muslim.
These emails tell a short story of how some American Muslim was caught in the act of trying to do some harm in the name of Islam, and the story almost always has the quote, “According to authorities, the well orchestrated FBI / Capital Police "sting operation" eliminated any possibility of the public ever being in danger.”. This is because it was a Government operation from the jump. They found another duck and cooked his goose. They found a weak minded, weak hearted, and ignorant individual to fallow their instructions, and I’m scared! Scared of why they are doing this! The fact of the matter is, that they will probably move away from targeting Muslims and start to go for the Constitutionalist! It seems to be a move to remove all rights and freedoms from the people by creating a false fear.
I was born here!  I grew up here!  I went to school here!  My ancestors are Cherokee Indian and Irish.  Some of my ancestors called this place home before Christopher Columbus dreamed up the idea of even coming here! I hate that this Country was founded on the heads of American Indians, but the fact of the matter is “It is here and I love what it stands for”.
I never ever thought that I would actually be fearful of being an American.  And I never ever thought that I would actually sincerely be scared to be here, in this Country that I have called and still call my home, because I chose to believe in God as ONE.  I am sure that I'm not alone.  I'm quite sure that there are hundreds if not thousands more just like me.  People are scared and wondering what is to come next.  Are they going to do us like the Germans did the Jews and make us wear some sort of identification mark?  Are they going to do us like they did the Japanese and put us in large compounds like cattle?  I can't help but think and wonder what is coming?  What is coming next? 
I recently read a story, and in this story I read about a secret operation, from some sort of group that was intending two monitor and expose extremist elements within the many Muslim Communities around the United States, and these idiots, excuse my French, these idiots actually snuck into Muslim houses of prayer and measured the beards of its leaders and adherents!  Does this not bother anyone?  It sure as hell bothers me!  This bothers me on several different levels.  Number one, people are actually equating extremism with long beards and vice versa.  These idiots are saying that, if you follow Islamic dress codes, you are possibly an individual who believes in the taking of innocent lives.  They believe that following the fundamental teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon him, in matters of dress, signifies that you are the type of individual who needs to be feared. 
This ignorance ladies and gentlemen is NOT the fault of Muslims. It is the fault of us Americans allowing our selves to be tricked into giving up our freedoms for a false sense of security. Did you know that they are releasing drones across the US of A? Did you? No, you probably didn’t, and it’s not for catching terrorist. They are getting ready to take the guns from the gun owners and take control of all that they want to take control of, in the manner that they see fit. Do your research ladies and gentlemen……. Crap is about to hit the fan!
I'm scared that this great nation that was founded upon humane and chivalrous principles, morality, honor and trust and freedom for all is being undermined by someone or some group somewhere…. What do you think?


  1. This country was never founded upon humane and chivalrous principles, morality, honor and trust and freedom for all. For whites maybe. Where have you been? The founders you speak of were racist murderers committing genocide of the natives to the land. You are just as guilty as they are for the crime of fear mongering.

  2. ...not to mention slave owners.