Thursday, December 30, 2010

Call the FBI Informant and wish him a happy New Year!!

Adam Morales 901-650-6744 and 330-646-9611

Email Address is

Read the post below to see just who is this person..!! 


  1. There Is No Strength Except In Allah the Almighty!
    Adam is nothing but a tool used to divide the Muslim and have them live in fear. He does the work of the shaytan to plant the seeds of fitnah in our Ummah. I have called him and reprimanded him for being a traitor. May Allah punish him and punish all those who do the shaytan's work and may Allah subhanahu wa ta’alah protect our Ummah. Ameen

  2. I agree wholeheartedly that there is no Strength Except in All Mighty God and that Adam was a tool used to divide the Muslim communities and create fear. As far as him being a traitor, I would have to disagree. I don't even think he was a real Muslim, and this is for many reasons (my personal experiences with him)> example: I caught him eating during Ramadhan, etc.....

    My main complaint is with the Government using individuals that are not Quote / Unquote paid employees or actual Agents and having them Entrap and do the illegal stuff. He is listed as a confidential informant and not as an agent ( and that means he can get away with things they cant). Had he came into an environment where extremist were plotting harm and stopped it, I would be shaking his hand. Had some Muslim Brothers been planning to rob a bank, he tried to stop them, and then he called the Feds, I would be having him over for dinner to discuss the details..... but this is not the case. He came into the community and found nothing! He tried to get me to get a gun, research extremist and extremist beliefs, print materials related to extremism on a laptop and braud-ban provided by him, etc. He still did not find anything illegal or extremist anywhere! Then, HE CAME UP WITH A BANK ROBERRY PLOT! Then some Muslim Brothers where smooooooth talked, (weak brothers that did not know their religion and where not far from their criminal past, but where trying to better them selves *in most cases*) and had them arrested. Can you imagine the bill (money) on that operation??? wow! maybe a million, and not to mention the cost for the trials! Wasted Money! Wasted Time! Targeting Muslims! Illegal Actions and operations! << This is my problem..

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I thought I'd share this with you since you have your own story about government surveillance... This shows you how sloppy they are. ENJOY!

    May Allah subhanahu wa ta’alah protect our Ummah. Ameen.