Saturday, January 8, 2011

Government Surveillance of Me and My Familly Exposed

The past few days I have began to notice a set of vehicles that have been watching, watching like a set of eyes in the dark that are ready to snatch you at any minute, and it all began with a vehicle on my business lot. If you have ever watched a National Geographic film where a predator is stalking and waiting to take its pray, waiting and tormenting it with those eyes and mental signals of "your about to die and I'm just letting you know", then you might understand how lil-ole me would feel.

As a citizen of this Country, this great nation that has been blessed to be at the forefront of so many wonderful things, I don't know how to feel. I feel let down and betrayed. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever have to look over my shoulder and worry, after I had gotten on the strait and narrow and cleaned up my life. I guess I was wrong.

The first vehicle I spotted was positioned at the top of the parking lot next to the dumpster that is adjacent to the BP. I noticed it at night time, after I had returned from working hard all day delivering halal cookies by the hundreds to numerous wholesale customers, had prayed my daily prayers and told the wife I was on the way. I was going to the store when I spotted it. I decided to check him out and headed up the parking lot, with my lights directed towards the vehicle as it faced me. All of the sudden, a note-pad went up and blocked the drivers face; he blocked his face even as I drove by next to him with no lights in his face. He even twisted his body and face, with the note-pad blocking my discovery of his identity. He had on a white t-shirt and was driving a dark gray SUV, with tags I wont metion here.
I thought it odd that this had happened and wanted further answers as to why someone would not want their identity known. I parked at the pump and grabbed a box of old cookies I had exchanged, in my deliveries that day, and I began to walk towards the dumpster he was using as camouflage. As I got closer, the vehicle went into drive and pulled away fast ; I snapped the pic above..

The next day, I had my mom over for food and let her wash some clothes. I also had a business meeting with a local florest company,. After all was said and done, I took my mom home. In the process, I had to make a cookie delivery and detoured to that location. I was headed down Egypt Central, when I noticed that a black SUV was holding up traffic by going even slower than my 35mph. I called it to my moms attention; she said, "yea, that's weird. Come on, why would someone be fallowing you?". The vehicle came up behind, at the red light we were stuck at, and made a slow turn right. An hour later, as I was taking my mom home and turning on her street, I saw him again! I snapped the pic above....

That vehicle fallowed me everywhere I went! I noticed other vehicles doing the same, and I ran to the Masjid to seek the help of my Creator and the local Imam. As I showed him the pic, he told me that the vehicle had been parked outside the Masjid's Medical Clinic (Free to all). He said that he was walking to prayer time, when he spotted the vehicle outside. He told me that he could go back on the Masjid Cameras and view it and would. This harassment and these tactics of fallowing me and watching me and my family everywhere we went continued for several days.

The fallowing Video is a compilement of all the video, audio and picture that I have taken, with an audio of my calling a local FBI Agent, who investigated me for the accusations made by John Farmer of the website formally known as but now .

Please say a prayer for me and my family and call your local, state and federal officials / politicians to ask them to put a stop to this wasting of tax payer dollars!

I would assume, after exposing their CI in an ENTRAPMENT CASE, that they wish to tighten the noose around me and make me flip on other Muslims, i.e. turn me into a CI by some means (use your imaginations), or some rouge group has decided I'm a target worth-while and are developing their plan to take me out...

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