Saturday, June 12, 2010 is Oh So Paranoid!

Subanallah, (Praise Allah): and allso used in a "oh wow!" sense...
This guy is majorly paranoid and needs immediate medical attention, mentally! Now, you have to understand this from my perspective. I am a Muslim, well connected in the community, and I live in Memphis. So, when I see comments like this one from, "We know there is a terrorist cell or cells operating in Memphis (remember Bledsoe and the Little Rock shootings?) and we know that the Wahabbi’s operate several facilities here. It only seems wise that someone would collect intelligence and check out suspicious activity (reports) against that intelligence.", at first I laugh, then I have to collect my composure and try and figure out what the deal is with this guy.
As I said, " I am a Muslim, well connected in the community, and I live in Memphis". What I mean is this: I attend the lectures, services, classes and interact with so many brothers on so many different levels, and I have yet to have heard or seen one comment of an extremist nature. The man behind these accusations even went so far as to assume that the black plastic on our poor brother AJ's house was to disguise secret meetings. When I see these things, whats being said, I cant help but laugh.
On the other hand, killing of innocent people is FORBIDDEN in Islam, so I understand the concern but not the paranoia. Seriously and Sincerely, it saddens me deeply to know that brothers and sisters of this wonderful faith are being suckered into killing themselves and others for the sake of God. Its wrong and has to be stopped, but it has to be done in the proper manner. When I see our governments lack of protection and how it has wrongly accused or harassed others, it bothers me; I blame those who have gone astray, in belief and action, for this. On the other hand, some would argue that the increased presence and foreign policies of our government in and concerning Muslim inhabited lands is the cause of all of this and the extremist are a reaction of those issues. Either way, killing innocent people is a huge sin and has grave consequences in Islam, in this life and the hereafter, and I will not stand behind those who do such things.
Now, back to this man who hates Muslims and Islam; get your facts strait, quit being so damn paranoid and call your doctor. We Muslims will say a prayer for you.....

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  1. The deal is someone from your mosque killed an American soldier in Little Rock, Arkansas. That is not paranoia, it is reality. The deal is that you posted anti-American/Israel cartoons and Al Qaeda's very own recruiter, Anwar Al-Awlaki at your Yahoo group. That is not paranoia, that is reality. The deal is that the group who owns the mosque you worship in is connected to terrorism and Wahabbism. That too is not paranoia, but reality.

    You removed your links at the yahoo group, but only after being called out on them. I never claimed you were a 'terrorist'. My claim was that you were promoting anti-American propaganda and a terrorist recruiter's video. Both claims are true. Not paranoia when it is reality.