Monday, July 16, 2012

Attack On Muslims and Calling Them Wahabi

This is in response to a blogpost from the local Religious leader of the Ashari Sect in Memphis, TN.

He and others accuses us of belonging to a group that they call Wahabi. Those who call us Wahabi do so because we take from a scholar known as Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab. They accuse Shaik ul Islam ibn Tamyyah and others of some really bad things. They twist and mangle words and do not analyze things with factual, historical, and accurate truths. They misrepresent us, the scholars of Saudi Arabia, and the scholars of old. They often label us an Occult and evil ( people who fallow the Ashari, Shia, and other Schools... As a new Muslim and follower of many of the scholars they slander, I don't see what they see and don't hear the teachings they accuse the scholars of. Why is that? Is it a secret society that only teaches these twisted teachings to its members, or am I blind to it? Or, are they openly twisting the facts and lying about us? ( the asharis and others) ????

The article I'm commenting on and asking your comments on...

Let us dialogue about this... In a wise and knowledge based manner, with respect and facts based on proofs.

With all due respect Ali Gill, the prophet Muhammad SWS prophecied about these groups in a famous Hadith about a man named Kuwais. He SWS said “that from this man would come a group of people that would recite Quran , but it would not penetrate their throats.” He SWS said ” and they would shed the blood of Muslims…” These people have come to be known as Al-Khawaraj, the same people Ibn Tamyyah and others warned against. Don’t you think that you should have included that in your opinion? A detailed analysis of the Scholars of what you call “Wahabism” and I call Orthodoxi Islam would show that all these scholars call for these groups to cease and repent. Shaik Uthaymeen and many others have called them Khawaraj and accused them of being Mujahideen for Shaytan and not for Allah.

Again, you have been nothing but respectful with me and I am doing the same, but I truly believe that you are not being just and fair in your critique of the scholars and the topic of Extremism. For proofs on my end, I site the book ” Religious Extremism In The Lives of Contemporary Muslims” by Abdul Rahman (A Wahabi, as you would call him) of Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University. He quoted the view of many scholars, modern and contemporary, and the evidenced to refute all these groups that say they act according to Quran and Sunnah. I really hate that people’s theological differences in the understanding of Tawheed cause them to attack righteous scholars and distort the reality of the views, perspectives, rulings, positions, etc of those scholars…. My opinion ( Sincerely, Joseph Sneed)


  1. Yusuf,

    Ibn `Abideen, one of the famous latter day Hanafi scholars, said: "The Wahhabis are the Khawaarij of our era." And, you are probably familiar with the Haidth about Najd (Muhammad Ibn `Abdul-Wahhab's homeland) and that the Devil's horn would arise from there. Simply look at the life of Muhammad ibn `Abdul-Wahhab---his mass takfeer upon the Ummah. His followers besieging Mecca, the ransacking of the Prophet's Mosque, the MASS SLAUGHTER of the Muslims at Taa'if. These events occurred more than 200 years ago. From the start, the Wahhabis were extremists and the Sunnis have written extensively about them and refuted them. Again, the only reason this blight has been able to spread is that most of the Muslims nowadays in America simply don't know history.

    As far as the Saudi regime is concerned, it's a puppet state that has been in bed with the British/Americans for the past 100 years (think: Lawerence of Arabia). The Saudi regime doesn't OPENLY advocate terrorism, for the Wahhabis have different levels of deviance. Some are openly violent radicals, who advocate the overthrow of all governments---these groups often consider the Saudis themselves people of Ahlul-Bid`ah and kuffaar. Others, like the Saudi royalty, don't typically advocate THEIR overthrowing governments (b/c they know they would be included). Instead, what they do is support policies that lead to supporting Western intervention and overthrow (thereafter, when the society is destabilized, the Saudis bring in their Wahhabi ideology). This is what has happened in Libya, Iraq, Somalia, etc. The Saudi regime's "renunciation" of terrorism is only to protect itself from fellow Wahhabis.

    Simply look around the world. Prior to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the discovery of Arabian petrol, WHERE ON EARTH was Wahhabism practiced? What was the standard creed of the Muslims in Malaysia, Western China, Indonesia, Indian subcontinent, Ash-Shaam, North, West, and East Africa? What did the people of Hijaaz teach in matters of `Aqidah before the rise of Wahhabism.

    In-shaa' Allah, if you investigate, Yusuf, you cannot come to any other conclusion except that Wahhabism is an alien bid``ah to the Ummah that has no scholarly connection to the Prophet (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam).

    1. Who is calling it and us Wahabi, except you and the group you represent? We / I never claimed Wahabism and never claimed to fallow only one teaching from one Scholar, did I? And you still have not given me a quote from any of the books, modern or Mid-evil, that proves that scholars were advocating killing of Muslims who committed Major sin, as did the Khawarij. Taking all these geographical regions, groups and scholars, that teach the belief that Allah 7 times in the Quran said that "He is above the Heavens" (and clearly explaining that He is unlike His creation and how it is is unknown)and calling them Wahabi is not the truth. To say that Al-Qaeda is of the same ideology as the SCHOLARS, not the rulers, of Saudi Arabia, when they have refuted them openly, loudly, and clearly is to LIE Ali. Each of these people, groups, Scholars, etc. have to be looked at separately, critiqued separately, and fairly analyzed separately, to give some sort of a judgement about their beliefs or Aqeedah, since Aqeedah is so vast and has so many branches. If one branch is different from another, then their Aqeedah is different, and therefore can NOT be put into the same grouping. Agree?

      Furthermore, I believe that you are simply putting all the people, whether or not they commit illegal acts of terrorism, into the same group because of their believing that Allah is above the throne. It is my belief that you a propagating your belief that Allah is "without place" by attacking all the groups, individuals, scholars, governments, institutions, etc. that believe and teach the opposite. Attributing Al-Qaeda is of the same beliefs, tit for tat, as the likes of Shaik ibn Baz, Uthaymeen, ibn Tamyyah, ibn Wahab, etc. is less than expected from you Ali Gill... Please clarify your statements and repent to Allah, as I ask Allah to forgive me for anything that I did or said wrong, ameen...

  2. How is any of this to and fro productive? Its easy to copy, paste and gather info from Sheik Google, which has fast become the paradigm, who among us will break free of this endless debate, drop it and pick up the fight for injustices perpetrated on the citizens of the country today or better yet, lets bring it home here to Memphis. Is any of this beneficial to the mentally, physically and spiritual hungry and starving in Memphis? Is any of this thwarting corruption here? Is any of this derailing the escalating black on black crimes and murders? Is any of this benefiting oppressed here locally? Is it derailing the falling off the cliff education of our young? Do you care anything at all about the people you see, walk and drive by daily? Stop and look at the faces of Memphians and ask yourself, Is your allegiance to Allah for the love, dawah and benefit of the people who live around you that know nothing of Islam, or is it for "dawah" or debate among ones who are already Muslims and have accepted Islam as their faith. Do you have any idea what impression people get of Muslims in Memphis? We are obscure to them, and when we become visible does it cool the eye of the beholder or repulse? Its just one big thousand year old pissing contest. I'm sick of it.

  3. Quran:" and who commits a worser injustice than the one who lies against allah.."

    Again akhi, I agree with you on making a noticeable difference here in Memphis and changing things for the better, and I would like to think I'm taking the steps to do just that... I don't see many lining up to volunteer at the Masjids. I don't see any names from our community on the list of volunteers in the prisons, and don't see more than a handful of people coming to the FREE classes where the knowledge to make those changes, within ourselves and our communities / neighborhoods, etc. is taught...
    What advices can you give me to do what you are instructing? Sincerely, help me to understand the method to follow for making the changes and fighting the good fight you are suggesting? I'm here, able and ready... Insha allah, bi idhni allah!