Sunday, February 27, 2011

God Help Us All! Heartsong Church and the Memphis Islamic Center

After my recent post concerning the Church (Heartsong Church of Memphis, and the MIC (Memphis Islamic Center), I have noticed an up-tic in the chatter about the topic. Let me try and simplify this for you all... A church that worships Jesus and God opened its doors to an Islamic Center that worships God. The church worships Jesus and God, and the Center worships God. The church has been slandered by other pastors, Huckabee, etc. and, in some cases, accused that they had allowed Satanist to violate the sanctity of their church. But, wait a minute! I thought that Muslims worshiped God, and they believed in Jesus, his mission, his message, his virgin birth and his second coming, just not his being God or his having a share in divinity? Yes, it is true that Muslims worship God, the God of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammd (Peace be upon them all, and Gods Mercy and Blessings, amen) and so do Christians....

So, my question is this: "whats the big deal, and how do you get Satanism from the worship of God and God alone?

These people are as ignorant as they come...

God help us all!

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