Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Muslims Praying In Churches (Whats the big deal?)

As Memphis leads the way, hands-down, in Interfaith initiatives and showing the world that, as Rodney King once said "Cant we all just get along?", this issue is getting thrown in the hot seat. If you browse the Political Forums and take a look at the News Stories, you begin to see exactly what I'm talking about. And, with all the Islamaphobia and attacks on Muslims, from a spectrum of sources, groups and directions, the need for interfaith and ignorance removal "IS A MUST" - A recent article from the Los Angeles Times by -- Phil Willon concerning a proposed Mosque in the city states-

Throughout the process, letters and e-mails have poured into City Hall from both critics and supporters.
“Our country was built on Freedom of Religion, all religions, not just the one I hold to," Pastor Brian Bell of the Calvary Murrieta church wrote to the Temecula Planning Commission, urging the city to approve the mosque. “I believe there has been some in our community who assume all Muslims are extremists ... which is as foolish as all Christians believe in blowing up abortion clinics.’’

Opponents of the mosque were divided among those who contended it would be a magnet for radical Muslims and those who feared that the facility would have a detrimental effect on traffic and the environment.

“Should Temecula become a center of even minor terrorist activity it is most unlikely that you and your colleagues will be held blameless when the situation surrounding the new center is so blatantly suspicious," Carlos Martello said in a letter to the city’s mayor.

     This is a small example of the need for more understanding and more interfaith projects, such as we have seen here in Memphis. Lets not even talk about the Cordoba Mosque, which was blown so far out of proportion that it caused a series of attacks on Muslims around the country and a slightly crazy preacher to prepare his congregation for a Quran Burning Party. (Example of the conrtoversy concerning Cordoba Mosque from Fox News: HERE)

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     As the world turns, wars are being faught, Muslims are being targeted, economies are crashing, Non-Muslims and Muslims are dying and more, Christian and Muslims are building bridges. Whats the problem with that? Well, there are issues from both sides. Christians have condemned the Chuches and Muslims have made claims of this being forbidden. I remember reading one article that said, "would you let Satanist Pray in your Church!" Another source said, "their letting these Muslim come into the house of God to worship a false God". Meanwhile, the Christians are thinking "we will bring them to Jesus!", and Muslims are desiring to add New Muslims as well.... As a CBN guest said, "everyone needs to be clear about what their intentions are".

     From an Islamic perspective (Islamic Law), Muslim are allowed to pray in Churches, but their are RULES and GUIDELINES from the sources that Islamic Law is derived- Quran and Sunnah. One ruling states:
Ruling on renting churches for salaat
What is the ruling on renting churches as places to hold the five daily prayers or Jumu’ah and Eid prayers, given that there are statues and all the other things that churches usually contain, but knowing that churches are usually the cheapest places that can be rented from Christians and that some universities and charitable organizations may even offer them for use on these occasions without charge?

Praise be to Allaah.
The Muslims should strive as much as they can to build their own places of worship, which should be built according to Islamic sharee’ah, structurally sound, without extravagance or decoration. If the Muslims cannot build their own mosques and they need a place to pray, and they cannot find anywhere other than a church, then “hiring churches to pray in them is not forbidden in sharee’ah if it is necessary, but praying towards statues and pictures should be avoided, and they should be covered or concealed if they are in the direction of the qiblah.”
(Majma’ al-Fiqh al-Islami, p. 47)

     The thing about Islam, that many may not know (Non-Muslims) is that Islam is Super Protective about Innovations. Anything that is newly invented is to be REJECTED. Any and all actions, decisions, etc. MUST have a supporting evidence in the Quran and Sunnah.....

Just what are the excuses or reasons that the Memphis Muslims used.....??? Stay tuned, as I sit down with our Local Scholar, Yasir Qadhi, for his reasoning and evidences.... SOON TO COME!

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