Friday, October 8, 2010

FBI Raid Updates 10/08/2010

Hello and Salamu 'alaykum wa Rahmahtullahi wa Barakahtuhu. (Peace be upon you and the Mercy of God and His Blessings) to all my readers.

I am still a little in shock about this whole ordeal, but not the least surprised. I sat down yesterday and today with Mark Brown, one of the victims and defendants in this whole ordeal, and I asked him a question.(He was released by pre-trial to House Arrest and is on a monitor at a location I wont disclose.) I said, "brother, if you could tell the world anything, given they knew about this FBI Raid and the fact that you were never involved in anything illegal or of an extreme nature before the FBI sent Mr. Adam, what would you tell them?" His reply was swift and his emotion was one of anger, "The FBI, Attorney General and Adam are all crooks! They are the real terrorist!". A look of disgust turned to sadness as he looked out the window of my van and watched the cars pass by. You see, I was the only brother willing to pick him up, with a ride, and take him to the obligatory Friday prayer. We discussed allot about the whole ordeal, from beginning to end.

I told him about how I had been reflecting on all my conversations with Adam (the FBI plant / informant). I had recalled a time when Adam called me and asked if I still had connections from my previous life and could get him a gun. Adam had told me that he and his wife had been claiming a gentlemans children on their taxes, but this year they had not done so. Adam went on to tell me that his life was in danger, because the man had accused him of claiming the kids this year, when he hadn't. (The more I reflected, the more I realized how many times and different ways they tried to entrap me.)

Mark Brown, A.K.A. Muhammad 'Alameen, was living in the house that Adam had used as the FBI front known as (The non-profit named Noahs Arc). He, Adam, used it as an office, school for teaching refugees English and Religious based teachings and a homeless shelter, and come to find out, the whole house was wired for surveillance. Allot of the brothers that had no place to stay and no job were given a roof over their heads and ended up feeling indebted. This is what brother Alameen (Mark Brown) told me. He said that "I was living in the brothers house, what was I suppost to do? I couldn't kick him out.), when I was asking why he even sat in on those conversations that ended up being used to arrest him. He told me how Adam had meetings their with groups of individuals, and that Adam had come up with the plan to rob the bank.

Evidently, after the FBI and their plant couldn't find any real terrorist or entrap myself or others, for Islamic Extremism, they hatched a plan to use a couple gang members, unknowingly they were used, to scare brothers into not opting out of a plan to rob a bank.All of this the doing of Adam, the FBI plant, who should be arrested, in my opinion. So, after all those tax dollars being spent to open a Non Profit as a front and no real terrorist cells or individuals to arrest and failing to entrap others, they had to have something to show for their efforts. >> conspiracy to rob a bank was their plan????

Who knows why or how all this began, but I do know this: 1.) I was asked by an FBI informant to get him a gun, because he was in fear of his life. 2.) I was asked to constantly research extremism and perpelled, sometimes daily, to log in and see what the latest news was on Imam Anwar An-Awlaki. I was given money as a charity to help with my bills, and in the same conversation, I was asked to go to specific websites and to print specific extremism related material. 3.) I refused to do all of this and made it known that I was not going to do such things, printing and research, without a legetimite reason. I event told Adam, I assume now that it was recorded, that "I did not know him, and even if I did, that I was not the type of person who fallowed such teachings" and to "leave me alone concerning these request". 4.) Had I done any of this, it would be me on the front page of newspapers all around the globe saying, "Terrorist Plot stopped!" or "Extremist Arrested!"... But, al hamdulillah (all praise be to God), I was saved from all this...

A side note: I am the first to report that Bledso, the American who attacked a Recruitment center in Arkansas, was not upon an extremist ideology, but was in fact an individual with a bad temper (Says my source, who was a roommate with Bledso in Nashiville, TN. That the FBI could not link him, in no way, shape or form, to any extremist ideology. He in fact had traveled a bus line that passed by the office and may have exchanged words with someone from the recruitment office (my source is quoted as saying) and returned, having lost his temper, and did what he did because of his temper. It is more likely that something hateful came from the mouths of someone at that office towards Mr. Bledso (says my source), before he returned and comitted that awful act of murder.

The facts show that he went Yemen and married a young lady, in hopes to bring her back to the USA (says my source). Given this recent operation by the FBI and all the other bogus operations in the recent past and all the new facts I have discovered, I think it is fair to say that Mr. Bledso may had not gone to that recruitment center to do an act of "Jihad", quote / unquote, but comitted murder out of temper.

I am not saying that this is a justification at all! He should be held accountable for this murder, and in fact, if this was a Shari'a court, he would have his life taken, at the request of the victims family or the family could choose the option to have him pay an amount of money for restitution. (That would be justice the Islamic Way, for all you Shari'a haters...)
I am stating that I now have serious questions as to how the FBI operates concerning their counter-terrorism efforts and question the validity of their reports and all the news reports....

May God help us all... amen

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