Monday, October 11, 2010

FBI Raid on Memphis Muslims (Update: 10/11/2010)

As-salamu 'alaykum wa rahmahtullahi wa barakahtahu. (The peace upon you and the blessings of our Creator and His Mercy.)

It seems that this guy, Adam Morales, has been around for a few years, and he has been in the same line of work, it appears. The emails are pouring in now, and Adam is being accused of destroying organizations and peoples lives all over the Continental USA.

Dear Brother Yusuf,
This person you are writing about has a long, long career of destroying organizations and people.  I ran into him in New York in 2004 during the events protesting the Republicans during their convention there.  When I later learned who he was I realized he had deliberately prevented bicycle riders, who were being brutalized by NYPD, from reaching shelter.  Six years later I have a neighbor who knew him as someone who id'ed organizers in the "squats" as subversives.She says he is very likely responsible for Van Jones' having to leave the Obama administration.
I'd like to talk to you.  Before you do I'm sure you'd like to know more about me.  I can give you information and people to check with if you call me.  Then later we can, if you are interested, compare notes on the gentleman.  I'm not sure what purpose our talking will serve but I am very sure there is something to be learned.  Just know that you are not the first one, probably not even within the first one hundred, who have been taken in by him. 
I am experiencing much stronger feelings on this than may appear from this message.**** End of Sample Email

Now, you tell me; "WHO IS THIS MAN!!! ????"....



  1. Sallam Brother, saw this on your FB. if you need any help getting out of the country and want to move to Malaysia, Please feel free to contact me.

    May Allah protect you brother, He protected me, Alhamdullillah.

  2. Wa alaykum as-salam wa rahmahtullahi wa barkahtahu (and upon you the peace and mercy of God and His Blessings)...

    Thank you brother for caring about the Muslims and Non Muslims alike, those whom they (Agencies Designed to protect us) have been using unethical and illegal tactics to entrap...

    and no, I don't need out the country, for I have done nothing illegal or wrong... but, thanks for the offer ;)