Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

Asking for all of your Du’a…

I seem to be under attack or being tested. For the second time this month I have acquired a staph infection. Last time it was my face that had to be lanced open, and now it is my foot. I can’t walk and am out of commission, as far as work is concerned. Please say a small prayer for me….. Jazkallah khyr at all..

and dont forget Sundays on in the room (Dialogue between Muslims and Christians), i host a live lecture in Islamic Al Aqeedah from the authentic books of those who are considered the best Scholars of Islamic Al Aqeedah.

Sundays @ 8:30pm CST

Please come and join, ask questions and participate. Its fun, informative and a great way to spend your free time…


  1. Hmm, and here I thought I was the only one.

    I found something that helped a lot:

    "When the Muslim community loses its way, and ignorance abounds, a true believer becomes a stranger in his own land, alienated from his folk and people. All around him he finds nothing but ridicule and rejection, hindrance and obstruction in his endeavor to obey Allah and adhere to the straight path. In this hostile environment, the believer finds in the angels solace and companionship..." --The Book of Imaan


  2. Jazkallah khyr sister phoenix.... subanallah....